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RE: Conv Top

To: "'Dale'" <tpdwinch@yahoo.com>, "'6 pack'" <6pack@autox.team.net>
Subject: RE: Conv Top
From: "Jim Davis" <jdavis344@bellsouth.net>
Date: Mon, 26 Jul 2004 21:06:42 -0400
Nelson recommends gluing as well as riveting the rear of the top to the
stiffener plate. The original tops were glued but it's not necessary.
The male snaps should be pop-riveted through the top material and rear

Jim Davis
Fortson, GA


Have a question as I am about to put the top back on my 6. 

First off have read the write up from the Buckeye club on how to install
the top. Also know by the design of the windshield top plate for the 6,
that the top has to be glued to the frame work of the frame to form a

The question is:  Does the part that is over the back bracket have to be
glued to it or can it be affixed like the TR-250 & 4A using the snaps?

This to me would make it easier to fold the top without damaging the
rear window as it could be unsnapped and laid out on the trunk as the
framework is folded.

Can someone give me a good reason why this couldn't work or should not
be done?  Dick, any one?

Thanks for your time.   Dale

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