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RE: tool kit

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Subject: RE: tool kit
From: "Mark Hooper" <mhooper@digiscreen.ca>
Date: Mon, 12 Feb 2007 12:07:44 -0500
A bottle of good cabernet in a Triumph boot cooking in the Hawaiian sun?
Fiend! Assassin of wine!  And then to drink it... Quick, hand me the
tufted stick and the spewing bowl.


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Subject: Re: tool kit

In my trunk, I carry:

  1.. A good bottle of cabernet
  2.. A good cigar
  3.. A beach chair
  4.. A cell phone
In my case, living on an island, I can never go far enough that the
items won't take care of me until my wife, a friend or a tow truck
arrives to
get me back home.


Mark Bullard
'74 TR6
Kailua, HI
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Subject: tool kit

> Listers:
> In a couple of weeks, I plan to take the '76 for a 2 night trip from
> farther north in Florida.  There will be 2 of us with a small amount
> luggage.  I want to pack an appropriate tool kit--compact enough that
> fill the trunk by itself, but comprehensive enough to allow me to do
> if needed.
> Anyone care to propose a list of items?
> Thanks in advance!

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