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Re: Stock 6 bladed fan??

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Subject: Re: Stock 6 bladed fan??
From: "Ian Spencer" <>
Date: Wed, 25 Apr 2001 14:47:31 -0400
True... true.

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Subject: Re: Stock 6 bladed fan??

> >Or... they were running out of 4 blade fans on
> >the production line, so they
> >grabbed the 6 blade from a different model.
> Works for me.  Still makes it a factory original piece!
> That said, I seem to recall years and years ago on this list, geeze
> close to 10 years ago, wow it's been a long time, someone commented (and
> was probably Dick) that when production was stopped, it was a surprise and
> that it wasn't like there was a foreseeable end that they were simply
> throwing cars together with whatever was left.  That however, doesn't mean
> that from time to time they didn't run out of something and made due.
> Jay

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