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Re: Rules about air ducting

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Subject: Re: Rules about air ducting
From: "Jamie Sculerati" <>
Date: Tue, 6 Jul 1999 19:18:35 -0400
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> I was wondering about the soloII rules about air ducts.  Is it legal to
> duct air from a stock hole in the bumper to the filter in street
> prepared?  What if I put the filter in a different place?

14.10 Engine and Drive Train
C. Carburetors, fuel injection, intercoolers and intake manifolds are

Based on that, neither mod seems to be a problem.  If you were talking about
cutting a hole in the bodywork to accomodate the intake, that *would* be a
problem, since that's not an SP allowance (at least, it's not listed in the

> Also, do places like Barnes and Noble sale the solo2 rule book

Uh-uh -- some local regions have stocks, or you can order it from the SCCA.

'92 Prelude Si
Speed Demon Racing

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