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Re: Sway Bars???

Subject: Re: Sway Bars???
From: Randy Walters <>
Date: Tue, 12 Oct 1999 23:18:54 -0700 wisely writes:

>A slightly larger front anti-sway bar reduces understeer in a number of 
>vehicles. Any way you slice it, you're just in the wrong car  :-O
>M Sipe

 Very true,  stock class VWs and BMWs understeer way less with
a *larger* front swaybar ( by way of better camber control ) so
any rule that dictates the bar at the opposite end of the drive 
wheels can be changed would be unfair to many cars.  Not all
cars react the same to common swaybar convention.  A large
rear swaybar on a stock VW is actually dangerous. 

 Randy Walters
 a few VWs and a Bimmer

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