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Re: Conquest to GS

Subject: Re: Conquest to GS
Date: Wed, 10 Nov 1999 16:24:32 EST
Why support a long out of production and now fairly rare car?  If you do 
that, you also need to find a better place for RX-7s, Alfa Romeos, etc.  Will 
those cars ever be popular enough to warrant the work?  Not really...

Charlie Davis
(Used to be the SCAC Chair.
Got tired of Stock Classes.
Now I'm going Prepared)

Hi: The point is that since the Conquest was obviousely layed to rest because 
it was an overachiever in GS and now the DSM and the Type R is dominating  
why not just even the scales and place the proper car in the proper class... 
If you can place anycar in any class then there is no need to have a class 
structure.. I am not asking that this specific car be reclassed what i am 
saying is that cars be classed properly as to where they belong.  that the 
SCAC does not classify cars for individuals or sponsorship to create a 
winner.  If we are to have faith in the classification structure of the SCCA 
then cars of like ability should be competing against cars of like ability .
Bruce Bellom 

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