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Subject: Re: JR CART POLL
From: Mari L Clements <>
Date: Tue, 13 Jun 2000 16:40:36 -0400
On 13 Jun 2000 12:34:15 -0700 Jeff Lloyd <> writes:
> Somthing everyone may want to take into account is with mainly young 
> children running in Jr kart Letting them run at the begining of 
> nationals will be hell on the parents that need time to run 
> themselfs,

How so?  Once Matthew is done, I can concentrate on what I need to get
done for my runs.  Monday sounds like a really good idea from this
perspective--and all the nice comments and volunteering to work for the
FJr running is so very cool.  Matthew (who gets a huge kick out of
reading Formula Junior posts) is lucky to be growing up in such a
supportive atmosphere.  

(And yes, the kids at school think it is massively cool that Matthew

> I know with the adverage attention span of todays kids, 
> as soon as they run they are not intrested in the event, if you can 
> run them last, that will make the kids hang around till the end, 
> kinda like waiting for christmas..

And make them miss more school.  BTW, as always, the Clements TV/VCR
combo will be around whenever we are for all kids (FJr or not) who need a
Disney break from course walking...

> you can force them to behave 
> because they "Must" in order to be able to run. kinda like a prize 
> for behavior

And do I get his entry fee back if I decide he hasn't been good enough to
run?  Of course not.  Never set up contingencies you aren't prepared to
implement (your free advice from a child clinical psychologist).

'91 MR2 NA
-----anything after this, I didn't write, and don't necessarily agree


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