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Re: WS6/SS

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Subject: Re: WS6/SS
Date: Sat Jul 08 19:46:18 2000
The 17's vs 16's debate has went on for years, sure you have a little more 
tread width, but you lose sidewall, which the F-body's need to put down the 
power.  The WS-6 deffinately does not sit a .25" inch lower, it uses the same 
1LE springs that your '98 1LE has in it!  The airbox is a joke.  However I am 
not trying to put F-Body VS. F-Body, what I was trying to bring up is look at 
the Mustang GT VS Cobra!!  Leagues apart, yet in the same class!  Either move 
the Cobra's, or put the SS & WS-6 back in!
        Dave Schotz

In a message dated Fri, 7 Jul 2000 10:46:56 AM Eastern Daylight Time, Alek 
Tziortzis <> writes:


IF it werent for the 17 x 9 inch wheels on the SS/WS6, Id say
let all regular torsen rear end (ie stock) 99+, and 
regular auburn rear end (98s) run Fstock.

but I think the 17 x 9s can give an advantage over
the 16 x 8 that is stock on the camarobirds.

how about allow them to run the 16 x 8s the regular cars use?
BTW, the stock WS6/SS have springs that lower it about .25 inch,
which will allow one to get more camber than a regular Z28/firechicken.

Also, the airbox itself on the WS6 has a larger opening (I agree ram air does 
help in autox), so it allows the engine to suck more air, even at low speeds.

Just my opinion (sorry Ken)

Alex Tziortzis

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