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Fw: classing

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Subject: Fw: classing
From: "George Ryan" <>
Date: Thu, 13 Jul 2000 07:55:53 -0500
Referencing  your question about improving brakes on the early
model Fiero for a stock class.

In order to stay stock, you are exactly right. You must maintain
what was built on the original car. You do have the option of
using any brake pad you can, and any stock replacement rotor.
Vented or drilled rotors are out, however.

I have had good success maintaining stock eligiblity and upgrading
my early Fiero brakes by using a cyrogenically treated rotor (to
allow the use of a more aggressive pad without excessive wear or
warping), and have had CarboTech design a pad specifically for the
Fiero that is low dusting, low noise pad with superior grip, good to
about 850 degrees. This pad is the autocross/street version - we
also developed a competition-only pad for the Fiero that would not
work well for your purposes.

If  you were to put these brakes on your Fiero, add some Earl's
stainless brake lines (legal in stock), and some synthetic brake fluid,
you will have upgraded your stock single rotor system to have near
the GA conversion braking.

In reference to SCCA classing the Fiero, they have not only mis-
classed the CS 2800lb 140hp Fiero, how would you like to try the
90hp 2650lb 4 cylinder Fiero in ES against the Neon?

There is a campaign on the various Fiero lists to write letters to the
SCCA regarding this "oversight" about our marque - that has been
"overlooked" for at least a decade.


"Dan Morency"<> wrote:

> As a Fiero driver I'm amazed at the lengths people will go to to complain
> about the classing of their cars. Since I own a little raced car an 86SEV6
> automatic I have a less than competitive car in C stock. I watch people
> talk about E30M3's being placed in that class 2600 lbs. 190+ HP and
> real brakes Vs my 140 HP 2800 LB cars with non vented disks! If I
> modify anything I end up running with some very potent cars in CSP.
> My Fiero has no chance.
> If I had an 88 (Best of breed) it would have a much more advanced
> suspension and vented 4 wheel disks in the same class. <snip>
> <snip>
> And for those with older 1.6 litre Miata's ... Chill out, have fun and go
> back to playing in the B stock sandbox where you truly belong with a true
> 2200 LB sports car
> <snip> I'm looking for better brake pads any recommendations?

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