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To: "Kit Wetzler" <>, <>
Subject: RE: M3 BHP?
From: "Navid Kahangi" <>
Date: Fri, 22 Dec 2000 12:55:57 -0800
Darn those Midas guys, they told me I would get at least 10hp out of it.  I
have AA exhaust, like Jim's.  You think UUC's is that much better?  I
personally think your additional HP is due to the Dinan intake I sold you.


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> Subject: Re: M3 BHP?
> > I'm just kidding.  I get about ~250, 216 at the wheels.  But, I
> only have
> > changed the air filter, airflow meter and the throttle body.
> No cams, no
> > headers.  You can get it up to 300 if you spend some serious
> money on it.
> > That's of course without a blower.
> I get 225 with just an intake and an exhaust... Navid, you might want to
> try a different exhaust.  The one you have has smaller rear pipes than
> stock!  yikes!  :)  get a UUC!
>       -kit, whose UUC exhaust made a 5 hp difference on the dyno

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