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TR6 door locks

To: british-cars@hoosier
Subject: TR6 door locks
From: (Randell Jesup)
Date: Wed, 5 May 93 15:24:10 EDT
        Well, I've been driving the '6 more this year than any since I've
owned it, and some minor problems are starting to show themselves.  The latest
is that after giving a ride to a female friend monday, the passenger door has
decided that it's better to stay locked.  Of course, I've never had the key to
the doors (who locks a TR6, anyways?)  How do I unlock it without a key?  I'd
guess that I can remove the interior panels and do it.  It must have flipped
itself on when she closed the door.  Of course, passengers can always use the
step into the car route until it's fixed...

        I think my rack is loose.  I tightened the pinch-bolt for the steering
column as much as I dared, which helped, but I think my high-speed shake is
a combination of unset toe-in (out) and a rack that moves back and forth a bit.
I put in polyurethane rack bushings when I redid the front end, but I didn't
have the special tool for tightening them and was in a hurry, so I just made
them as tight as I could by hand.  Does anyone know a good 1-person substitute
for the tool to force the steering rack clamps apart?

        How important are the cotter pins on the upper front suspension arms
(inner)?  On one side, when I removed the nuts I was unable to get the cotters
out, and after removing the nut couldn't even see where they were to drive
them out.  I've checked it from time to time since reassembling, and the nuts
are still tight.

        How hard is it to re-upholster a TR6 seat?  The driver's side seat on
my 6 is pretty ratty and getting worse.

        I also need to order some rebuilt or new rear shocks - I keep hitting
the bump stop on the left rear.  Any recommendations?  Apple hydraulics?  I'd
want slightly stiffer than stock shocks, I think (I have SPAX set to 8 (of 14)
in the front, and will probably stiffen them a bit more).

        However, the engine is purring along now.  I still think I need a bit
more advance, but after the last few degrees I added it's running very
smoothly (and I need to drop the idle now that it runs better).  Oil pressure
is 100 PSI at speed, 50 at idle warm, 70 PSI at speed 40PSI at idle when
full hot (highway, about 1/3 of the way on the temp gauge - the highest it ever

        Randell Jesup, '70 TR6

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