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Picnic Baskets

To: (britcars)
Subject: Picnic Baskets
From: Jody Levine <jody.p.levine@HYDRO.ON.CA>
Date: Mon, 9 May 1994 14:23:38 -0400
From: (sohl,william h)
>From: (Michael Weintraub)
>>I am looking for a traditional English picnic basket to put on the
>>back of my Triumph.  I have not been able to find one here in Boston.
>>Does anyone have any leads on where I might find one?
>A company called Lederman & Rupp has previously advertised such
>a basket in VTR's national magazine.

I'm just curious. Are picnic baskets complete with anything from cheap 
plastic dinnerware to fine china not all the rage down there (they're 
everywhere here)? Or is there a particular style of picnic basket that
is "traditional English"?

Jody "looking for the ultimate bootlid rack accessory" Levine

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