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Freeze Plugs

Subject: Freeze Plugs
From: Richard Smith <>
Date: Wed, 25 May 1994 23:27:16 -0600
>Just as I thought I was getting a hang of the 'Merkun jargon on all these,
>someone has to throw in a "Freeze Plug".
>From the discussion, and the descriptions I guess this is what was called in
>the UK, a Welch Plug (Spelling?).
>For a minute I was going to describe the Welch plug as a spring steel
>insert for the block, about the size of a penny - but then the 'Merkun penny
>is a different size as well!.

Well, just to confusticate some more, in the UK they're called 'core plugs'.

A welch plug is an altogether different animal, it's a domed steel disc
which is fitted into a counter-bored hole and tapped on the dome with a
hammer to increase its diameter to seal into the hole. Available in
different sizes, but I can't think just now of where one is fitted on a

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