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Re: It runs!

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Subject: Re: It runs!
From: Gordon Glasgow <>
Date: Thu, 23 Sep 1999 19:53:27 -0700
Another one back on the road! Kewl!

70 - SPL311 wrote:

> It took almost five months but it's running and past emissions.
> Cosmetically, it's awlful looking.  Everything works except the clock.
> I learned to slow down for the railroad tracks and it only took one
> crossing to find out
> why. ;-))  They are a lot of fun to drive.  I was just wondering how
> long I was going to have to wait to experience what you all have been
> saying.
> Now that I have a running example, it's on to the project car that
> hasn't been registered in 25 years.  Nor driven.
> Thanks for all the input when I had questions!
> Jim
> '70 1600's

Gordon Glasgow
Renton, WA

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