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Backfire..poppity pop

To: Roadster <>
Subject: Backfire..poppity pop
From: Rob Johnson <>
Date: Sat, 1 Jul 2000 15:26:04 -0700 (PDT)

I was researching the archives regarding a backfire
problem when I found a post from Dan Neff which asked
ALL the questions I had. Problem is that there is no
response, can anyone help?

Dan wrote:

"Also - what causes backfiring? <snip>(my carbs are
newly rebuilt R.J.)
Ran fine before except idle (a little ragged, vapor 
locked and dieseled at stop). Now it runs amazingly!!
EXCEPT, on hard decelleration it does this pop-pop-
poppety-poppety-pop-pop kinda thing. What causes that?

I assume it's carbs/mix, but just wondered what was 
actually going on. thanks. 

   Well heck, while I'm on a roll: what causes the 
plunger oil to 'leak'? For that matter, where does it 
go? I'm having to top mine off every 1000 miles or so 
(before AND after body-swap).<snip>
I run tranny oil.. thanks." 

and thank you too,

'69 2000(SU)

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