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Re: Synthetic oil (not long)

Subject: Re: Synthetic oil (not long)
From: Marc Sayer <>
Date: Sun, 18 Feb 2001 11:45:09 -0800
Thomas in Sweden wrote:
> Yeah Dude, why do you bother anyway? If you dont like it why
> dont you just delete it? 

Because you put out information that was incorrect and misleading, and that
required a reply so that folks on the list got the correct info. It isn't a
matter of what I like and don't like, it's a matter of what is and is not true.
Your original comments about synthetic oil were not true. If you are too
thin-skinned to take correction or have someone dispute your claims, that is
something you need to work on for your own personal development. The solution is
certainly not for those who know better to just ignore your mistakes. If you
don't agree with someone, use data, logic, and rational argument to dispute
them, not insults. Debating the issues is fine and no one should get hurt by
that. Personal insults are not okay and serve no purpose.

> I do that to all your postings without reading them. 

Apparently not true, since you seem to have read this one, at least enough to
have decided to reply to it.

> I'm not going to bother with a reply on this one because of 2 reasons. 

So what was this, if not a reply?

> You wrote it and my English is not good enough.

Yes I did, but the issue is not who writes a post, but what the content of the
post is. 

Marc Sayer
82 280ZXT
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