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RE: Speaking of Silvia's

Subject: RE: Speaking of Silvia's
From: "Dan Zubkoff" <>
Date: Wed, 01 Aug 2001 03:09:41

I'm going to have to buy myself another book......

When Elroy Goto (former nissan race driver) visited California from Hawaii & 
stopped by my home to check out the Silvia ....I gave him my copy. He really 
liked it!!!!!!


>From: "Gordon Glasgow" <>
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>Subject: RE: Speaking of Silvia's
>Date: Mon, 30 Jul 2001 20:50:46 -0700
>Phill, I'm happy to report that I offered your book at the last NWDE 
>(the extra copy I bought from you at Shasta) and I almost had a bidding war
>going on! Hopefully that will generate some more orders.
>Gordon Glasgow
>Renton, WA
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>Subject: Re: Speaking of Silvia's
>That Silvia has been sold twice since then.
>The current owner is an enthusiastic member of the Datsun Sports Owners
>Australia, regularly driving hundreds of miles to join us on club runs.
>Phill Brook
>(Have you got your copy of Fair Lady, Japan's First Sports Car
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>From: Adam Bradley <>
>Date: Tuesday, July 31, 2001 6:21 am
>Subject: Speaking of Silvia's
> > I remember a red Silvia with hurricane style wheels for sale in
> > Australia a few years back for A$5,000.  I believe it's the sixth car
> > down on  Since
> > A$3,000 = US$1.50 (see previous thread on conversion), that'd be less
> > than $3.00.  Well, even if it was more, does anyone know if it's still
> > for sale and how much it costs to ship a car from Australia to the
> > US?
> >
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