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Re: was firewall brace now baby advise (OT)

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Subject: Re: was firewall brace now baby advise (OT)
Date: Thu, 23 Aug 2001 19:01:24 EDT
Oh no! Don't blame us kids! I'm the second generation in my family to own a 
roadster (dad's restored '69 2000 is a good reference for me as I work on 
mine!) and my parents always drove the datsun around when my sister and I were 
little! I remember (before California's strict seatbelt laws) riding in the 
back, pressing my face against the back windows to make funny faces at the car 
behind me. There was nothing better than riding in the datsun to the market or 
to grandma's house to be dropped off for the night. Don't deny your kids the 
pleasure! Throw that baby car seat in there and take off for the'll have a loyal roadter-fan to pass the car on to. (My dad would 
have but I couldn't wait that long, so I bought my own! :P )
1970 1600 

> P.S. about the time my kids came along is when the roadster stopped being
> > used for many years.
> >
> > Fred - So.SF

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