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RE: Mystery Roadster back on eBay

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Subject: RE: Mystery Roadster back on eBay
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Date: Tue, 16 Oct 2001 14:36:00 -0400
I have been thinking about this car.  If the buyer goes in eyes open,
knowing that it is a frankenstein, then that is a choice that they are
making.  In this case, I don't believe that this will happen (unless the
eventual buyer is on the list)

I just talked to the guy selling the car.  He is quite agitated about the
grief that this situation has caused him, but did not seem concerned that
the title did not match what the car.  To be fair, there are quite a few
roadsters out there that have titles and ID tags that don't match the frame
or block (or body or whatever for that matter).   Legal concerns aside, the
car looks like a decent roadster for an east coast car (a mixed bag - not an
original of anything) and would be a fun driver for someone.


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Subject: Mystery Roadster back on eBay

The 65/66/67.5 1500/1600 is back on eBay again:


I think the seller/owner has some serious 'splanin to do.  Should I
contact eBay with my concerns?  I hate to see someone get burned buying
a Roadster.

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