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Re: who is this guy andrew murphy??

Subject: Re: who is this guy andrew murphy??
From: prima donna <>
Date: Sat, 25 Oct 2003 20:40:35 -0700 (PDT)
Wow, this seems to have gotten alot of attention.
I was expecting to get the emails from people that didnt approve of my comments.
But i didnt expect some emails from others telling me how they felt the same 
way towards 
Andrew's arrogant remarks.
Oviously they read the original email that I sent.
On the original email, I mentioned that I had no problem with the car , and 
that more power to him for restoring his roadster.
What I didnt like and apparently not a good thing to express in this mailing 
lists is the
constant mentioning of the amount money that hes spending on this restoration.
Also for a guy that doesnt seek approval for his behavior and actions, he 
always manages to make sure he mentioned how much money hes spending because he 
is single and dont have a child etc. 
I have no problem with andrew being proud of his car,  thats not the issue that 
I was complaining about. You can call it sniping or character assasination or 
what ever else
some of you called it. It was a complaint about andrew's constant arrogance.
I might not know anything about you andrew, or your life,what you have gone 
you life . I really dont care. Its clear from the way that you have to tell 
people how 
ymuch money you spent on your car is that you have some issues.
I sent that email to the list to make a complaint about your behaviour and I 
think I did 
that. So if you people want to unsubsribe me from the list well more power to 
I wonder what our Founding Fathers will think.

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