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Re: Nice Fast Ride out in the Country, and then no 5th

To: Jim Cawrse <>
Subject: Re: Nice Fast Ride out in the Country, and then no 5th
From: Dennis Currington <>
Date: Fri, 16 Jan 2004 01:17:54 -0800
Jim Cawrse wrote:

> Dear List
> Well, fixed my winter fix-it list on the roadster and was enjoying a 
> nice sun-setting fast ride out
> into the farmlands of Chesapeake Virginia and there was significant 
> gear whine coming from the
> tranny, in 5th gear, noise on with gas on, noise off with gas off.  
> Hmmm, I was making a mental note to write the list and ask about this 
> when "clunk...rrrrrAAAWWW"   sudenly the forward propulsion afforded 
> by 5th gear left, as 5th decided to take some sort of leave of 
> abscence...pulled into a farmhouse driveway to back out and go home 
> and there was no reverse, in fact the shifter would not go toward 
> where reverse used to be....once turned around I found that at first 
> there was no 5th, and then later on the 5th gear slot had seemed to 
> become another 3rd....hmmm
> this the famous "5th gear neutral" these trannys are known 
> for?  I am not looking forward
> to pulling the engine and tranny again.   I had the tranny rebuilt a 
> few years ago with new bearings and synchros...and figured if 5th had 
> not come loose after 30 or 40 years it would probably hang in there 
> for a few more.
> Jim Cawrse
> Chesapeake, Virginia
> 67 pushrod 2L 5spd (well, 4spd now)
> 72 510 sportwagon project

After reading Jim's adventures I decided to take my 67.5 2L out for a 
spin.  It has been sitting patiently in the garage waiting for warm 
weather :-)       and it finally got up to 77: this week  and the waves 
at the beach are 10'+.  So, I grabbed my board and threw it in the back 
of the Roadster and headed up Hwy 101 to Cardiff.  After the long (10 
mi) journey, I stopped to take some pictures from a high vantage point 
and then went down to the beach.

It was then that I reach for my "board" and wondered  "why did I bring 
along a 3" 2X4 ??  Then I remembered that I didn't surf (never have) and 
was having one of those "Senior Moments" that seem to be occurring more 
often.  Well, anyway, have a great top-down drive and took some nice 
photos and the best thing....nothing broke (on me OR the car).  For 
those of you needing to see some warm weather pictures, check this 

For those of you who are calling me names under your breath.......ENJOY 


Dennis Currington
San Diego
1967.5 2000  
1971 240Z

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