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Re: Interior makeover

Subject: Re: Interior makeover
Date: Fri, 16 Jan 2004 00:28:00 EST
Roadster fans,

      Thanks for the overwhelming response, I have enough confidence now that 
the vinyl spray will work and will take on this project. There will be a few 
changes along the way but not much as the vertical and horizontal aluminum 
trim will be removed from the door weatherstripping. These pieces tend to get 
really marred over the years so I will replace with a push on pinch welt 
strip. The two kick panels will be enlarged about an inch to make up for the 
void where the aluminum strip was. I've decided to keep the dash and console 
black for contrast but the windshield frame padding will be sprayed as well. 
Think it will turn out ok.


                                         Tom 69/2.0

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