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Re: Chrome Plating

To: Norm deCarteret <>
Subject: Re: Chrome Plating
From: "J.E." <>
Date: Tue, 8 Nov 2005 14:58:26 -0800 (PST)
It doesn't sound like a Datsun Roadster bumper your talking about.  Was that 
quality of the chrome bad,  or was it a communication problem the reason you do 
not recommend them.  The price sheet I picked up from them at a show stated a 
single price unless the bumper being re-chromed is damaged.  Their price was so 
much better then everyone else at the car shows Ive been to.   I plan on using 
them unless your saying the chrome itself is bad.

Norm deCarteret <> wrote:
My experince with bumperboyz was not good;  they charged me moe than agreed, 
didn't return or use some parts I sent them, did a poor job on reconstructing 
the bumper endcaps I gave them (holes  in wrong spots etc).  Additionally I 
have read similar comments in the Imperial group about them.  HTH, Norm

On 11/8/05, J.E. <> wrote: check out these guys.  They are 
based in Los Angeles Ca but do car shows all over the USA.  The closest show to 
you seems ot be Raleigh or Chrlotte NC. You call them up send a deposit and at 
the show exchange your bumper with a rechromed one.  They do have Datsun 
Roadster bumpers.  Or you can ship your bumper to them and have it shiped back 
or you can pick it up at a later show.  I remember that their price was around 
150.00 a bumper, but that may have gone up a bit since 2 years ago.  Here is 
there their web site

Mike Harper <> wrote:I know this comes up from time 
to time, but, does 
anyone have any recommendations for chrome plating
places (bumper) on the east coast? I'd like to
actually take my bumper in and talk to them about it
first, but will ship if I need to. I am in Charleston
SC, but I travel in SC, NC, GA, VA and DC area. Fewer
of these places every year due to environmental


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