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RE: C and D tire test

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Subject: RE: C and D tire test
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Date: Wed, 9 Nov 2005 08:38:48 -0800
The design of the Vega was good, but the execution and some of the
metallurgy wasn't. The sleeveless aluminum block didn't hold up, but now
everyone uses sleeveless aluminum blocks (like my VQ35DE in the Maxima). And
some of the aftermarket people did some pretty cool stuff with the car.

Ford came out with a better product in the Escort, which I believe was
designed in Europe. But the 1970's weren't the best decade for American car
manufacturers. They had allowed themselves to get way behind on the

Gordon Glasgow
Renton, WA

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> I still remember when a Vega won car of the year :)
> The Vega was the next to last American car my Dad purchased for
> my Mom - the
> next was a 76 Dodge Aspen and that was the LAST American car ever to be
> purchased.
> Mike

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