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Re: C and D tire test

To: "Gordon Glasgow" <>,
Subject: Re: C and D tire test
From: "datsunmike" <>
Date: Wed, 9 Nov 2005 13:45:25 -0500
They tried to copy Porsche's engine design but did it on the cheap and 
consequently blown headgaskets and scored piston walls were the result.

If GM stood behind their mistakes and corrected them I wouldn't be so 
venomous to GM, but they didn't and as a result an almost new car with less 
than 10K on the odo had to be sold at a great economic loss to my family.

They also didn't take responsibility for millions of defective motor mounts 
they were fully aware of and continued to foist the defective products on 
the US public until the NHSTA forced them to recall all the cars for 
modifications after several years of contentious litigation and threats. My 
Dad had a motor mount break on his 69 396 Camaro and almost killed himself 
as a result. And what was GM's answer? A chain.

The SS/RS Camaro was destroyed but my father was OK as he was wearing a 


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