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Re: Screw sizes, console

To: Leon <>
Subject: Re: Screw sizes, console
From: Marc&Heidi <>
Date: Sun, 22 Oct 2006 19:35:40 -0500
HMM, the standard size #4 machine screw is 4-40.  This is the size of  
the set screws in the knobs.  a good source for machine screws is  
mcmaster-carr.  You can get nice stainless screws in useable  
quantities: 10, 25, and I usually buy boxes of 100 because I tend to  
use a lot of machine screws in my work.  They even have the sought  
after 1/4-28 stainless truss-headed phillips machine screws used to  
mount the fender.

On Oct 22, 2006, at 6:07 AM, Leon wrote:

> I'm restoring my radio console and other items on the middle hump.  
> Most
> of the really small screws had been replaced by a few metal screws. I
> would like to replace them with the proper machine screws.
> The radio console seems to me to be held together with screw size  
> #4-36.
> Which is a very difficult screw to find.
> Two questions: Am I correct that the screws are 4-36? And if so, does
> anyone know of a source for these screws?
> Thanks for any help

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