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Re: 4.37 posi for sale - $100

To: Brian Hollands <>
Subject: Re: 4.37 posi for sale - $100
From: Jim Anable <>
Date: Fri, 22 Jun 2007 14:07:05 -0700
Brian Hollands wrote:

>FYI - that is not a limited slip - it's a welded diff.  Fun... But not for
>the street.
Aw, c'mon!  You don't like the mystery of wondering whether your rear 
end it going to kick out, every time you take a hard right from a stop? taking off from a stop sign or red light, especially if there's 
the slightest amount of rain or oil on the road?  It sounds like fun to 
me!  ;^)

I run an R-200 4.375 Datsun Comp limited slip in my "street comp" 240Z.  
It can prove to be tricky if there's any slickness to the road and you 
put any real power on a tight turn.  On the other hand, it does lay down 
even patches of tire rubber on acceleration, showing that it does the 
best job of transferring power to the road!

If your car is a toy, Pete's link will definitely keep things 
interesting!  I'm not sure what top end turns out to be on a roadster 
with a 4.38.  You'd definitely want a five speed, the 1600 would really 
be twisting, just going down the freeway.

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