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Re: [Roadsters] 1600 v 2000?

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Subject: Re: [Roadsters] 1600 v 2000?
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Date: Thu, 20 Mar 2008 20:30:05 -0400
1. because my 1600 has slim chance of a death rattle coming from  the timing 
2. once the tires start squealing in a corner the engine size doesn't 
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Subject: [Roadsters] 1600 v 2000?

> I've seen several ground up restorations of 1600s and 2000s. All things
> being equal, the cost is very similar. So, other than "because it's been 
> in
> my family for years", or "because I like 1600s better than 2000s", why are
> some people pouring a ton of money into restoring a stock 1600? Why not go
> with a 2000? Same car, but with more gears and more power.
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