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Date: Wed, 23 Jul 2008 08:28:44 -0500
 I think it is a "left brain - right brain" thing.  Engineers can not
spell well - this one included.  If it was not for spell-check people
would have good time with me:)

I am generally pretty creative, but I do have "gaps".  I started taking
guitar lessons and this has really helped exercise the left brain.  I am
finding my designs come easier and more often.  Now if I had the time to
build all this stuff....

Have a great Roadster week everyone!


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I worked with civil engineers at Black & Veatch for more than twenty
One in particular that I liked working with and whom I respected, once
wrote a "spec" sheet for some motor driven equipment for a water
treatment plant project. He consistently spelled out "moter" numerous
times in the document.
Good thing it was proofread by others before it was published.
Mike Hudson  '67 - Stroker / 5 speed

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Subject: [Roadsters] OT: Spelling

> Sorry.  I couldn't help myself.
> Some person has a windshield washer "nosel" for sale on eBay.  My
> for whom I have tremendous respect, never got past the 6th grade.  His
> spelling was better.  How do these people get along in a modern world?
> ("Nosel" wasn't misspelled once; the spelling was consistent
> listing.)
> Gary
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