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Re: [Roadsters] GM Alternator

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Subject: Re: [Roadsters] GM Alternator
From: "dave" <>
Date: Tue, 18 Aug 2009 21:26:51 -0400
If you can't find the brackets, the drivers side conversion requires no
adaptation of the mounts, bolts right in.  I have photos if anyone is

I found a good source for alternators just ordered one for the 64, $55.00
delivered in 3 days, no core and looks great.  New cases, rebuilt inside,
avail as a 1 or 3 wire.  He even included a larger pully for high RPM.
Bill Howard  He also sells on Ebay.  He has rgular, minis
and chrome GM's.
I have no affiliation to his business, just passing on the info.

Dave Brisco
East Coast Roadster

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From: peter harrison []
 Subject: [Roadsters] GM Alternator
Looks like I will be working on getting eliza back on the road - want to do
the gm alternator thingie - anyone out there have the necessary mountings
the passenger side.


Peter (Eliza)
Support Team.Net

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