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Re: Crank Question

Subject: Re: Crank Question
Date: Wed, 7 Oct 1998 23:50:56 EDT
In a message dated 98-10-07 15:09:59 EDT, you write:

<<  but I was wondering if 
 anyone on the list has suffered from flywheel bolt failure of other 
 catastrophic ocurrances on the business end of the crank. I recall the 
 fellow in the yellow GT6 at BRIC as a case in point.

I've kept a "journal" on the number of times I've "thrown" a crank and it is
indeed a tangled "web", but I've "steeled" myself to "cast" off my misgivings
and tell all...<g>

My GT does indeed have 2 additional dowel pins in it now, as does almost
everything I put together. I lost a flywheel on a warm up lap in the TR3 one
time and have put additional pins in everything since.

The TR3 loss was partially my fault. I needed a new flywheel and got one from
Mueller about 2 days before a race and when I bolted it up, I found that they
had drilled the pressure plate holes in the wrong place (must have put the
template on upside down as the holes were a mirror image of where they needed
to be.) So I figured "How bad could a stock TR flywheel be?" Well, it did last
for qualifying, but sheared off all the bolts at about 4000 rpm when I
downshifted. Torque looked good, but fit on the flange and on the bolts (I
used stock ones for this adventure) didn't measure up and it fretted both the
flange and the bolts 'til the inevitable occurred. Actually the motor keep
running, just couldn't seem to work up any headway.

Never sweat the petty stuff...never pet the sweaty stuff
     Nick in Nor Cal

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