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RE: Brake Caliper Questions

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Subject: RE: Brake Caliper Questions
From: Alexander Joseph H <>
Date: Mon, 19 Oct 1998 15:36:05 -0500

sounds about right...these could be for another FOT member.

Want to research this so he gets the best deal and combination.

Note: some of the TR3A used a big ugly caliper that was different, but
mounted the same.


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On Mon, 19 Oct 1998, Alexander Joseph H wrote:

> I'll keep it simple:
> *     Are all brake calipers interchangeable through TR2-TR6? I know there
> are different configurations, but perhaps they mount the same.

TR3 - Early TR6, around CC30000 use the same Girling 16 caliper. After
that, the TR6 has the 16P and very late TR6's have the 16PB. The pistons
on the 16 have a thin lip for the weather seal, and are not interchangable
with the later type. The designation MP has metric threads for the brake

> *     Core Question....What would a good price be for "core" calipers
> suitable for complete rebuild...without sleeving? Pistons/seals/cleanup
> paint.

Chuck R. asks $45 for the core on these puppies. Figure half that from 
the other sources.

> *     Rebuilt Question...What would be a good price range for rebuilt TR6
> calipers that have not been used since rebuild, nicely painted and sitting
> on the shelf.

100 bucks from TRF, I think apple gets $45 plus the cost of the new 
pistons, so it comes out to around $100 per caliper.

> Rather sell the cores because I want the rebuilt ones for back up to TR4
> racer, but might consider it.


> Thanks,
> Joe 

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