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Brake Caliper Questions

To: "'Amici Triumphi'" <>
Subject: Brake Caliper Questions
From: Alexander Joseph H <>
Date: Mon, 19 Oct 1998 14:35:22 -0500
I'll keep it simple:

*       Are all brake calipers interchangeable through TR2-TR6? I know there
are different configurations, but perhaps they mount the same.

*       Core Question....What would a good price be for "core" calipers
suitable for complete rebuild...without sleeving? Pistons/seals/cleanup and

*       Rebuilt Question...What would be a good price range for rebuilt TR6
calipers that have not been used since rebuild, nicely painted and sitting
on the shelf.

Rather sell the cores because I want the rebuilt ones for back up to TR4
racer, but might consider it.



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