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Date: Wed, 4 Mar 2009 11:57:46 EST
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> Hillclimbing is alive and well here in Pennsylvania, and as the Chairman 
> of?the Pagoda ?and Duryea Hillclimbs in Reading, PA, I want to extend a 
> personal invitation to all FOT members to come and take part in our events.? 
> will be?the last weekend in June, and Duryea will be the third weekend in 
> August.? The full PHA schedule is available at We have 
> fair number of vintage cars at our events and we always have fun.

Some of the VSCDA's earliest events involved Wisconsin hillclimbs at Lake 
Geneva and Janesville in the early 1980s.  The ones held at Janesville were 
actually recreations of events held in the 1950s.  In those early days of 
car racing racers from all over would stop at Janesville to run a hill climb 
event on their way to race at ROAD AMERICA.  The Janesville event was a perfect 
venue and lots of fun to run.  Held in a public park, they quickly became 
popular "free" public spectator events.  Eventually VSCDA had to cease running 
because crowd control became a serious issue.  I can recall several runs to 
the top, where I was shocked to find people crossing the road I was racing up.

Bill Dentinger

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