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Subject: Re: [Fot] Dif. noise
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Date: Wed, 19 Aug 2020 12:03:10 -0600
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On 8/19/2020 11:47 AM, McKearn McKearn via Fot wrote:
> Thanks for the replies. (Some of you :)
>    I was pretty much planning to pull it apart again but was hoping 
> someone would humor me into not worrying about it ..
Unfortunately, diff noises are like gangrene.  They can only get worse 
without treatment.

I knew a guy in Michigan with an old Datsun pickup.  It had developed a 
serious whine in the rear end, but he remained oblivious and kept 
pushing it hard.  Eventually, the whine became so loud that it could be 
heard a half-mile away.

Then, one day, as he was driving away from my house, the rear end 
screaming, there was loud snap, the wheel and axle sailed away from the 
truck doing a very energetic whirling dervish dance in the air, bounced 
on the ground a couple of times and disappeared into a sorghum field.

And the noise stopped.



Michael Porter
Roswell, NM

Never let anyone drive you crazy when you know it's within walking distance....



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