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RE: Crankshaft Specs

To: "'Mike MacLean'" <macleans@earthlink.net>,
Subject: RE: Crankshaft Specs
From: "Michael Salter" <msalter@precisionsportscar.com>
Date: Thu, 8 Apr 2004 19:13:22 -0400
Hi Michael,

Main bearings 2.479 - 2.4795
Main Housings 2.625 - 2.6255

Rods 2.000 - 2.0005
Rod Bore 2.114 - 2.1145

Michael Salter

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Subject: Crankshaft Specs

I ordered some parts from David Nock this morning and while we were on 
the phone he gave the standard diameter specs for the Healey 100 
crankshaft journals.  Well, I was at work driving a train at the time 
and wrote them down on my track warrants (the only paper handy at the 
time) and proceded to leave them at work.  Does anyone have the diameter

specs for the standard 100 crankshaft.  My crankshaft is at the machine 
shop right now and the machinist is waiting for this information.
Mike MacLean
56 BN2 (a long way to go)

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