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Re: Overdrive wierdness - I'm not really sure

To: Rick@genomictechnologies.com, healeys@Autox.Team.Net
Subject: Re: Overdrive wierdness - I'm not really sure
From: tammie wall <whammie@iopener.net>
Date: Sat, 6 Nov 2004 05:58:42 -0600
adjust throttle switch as per shop manual -- it should go from OD to NORMAL at 
around 30-35 mph.
jerry wall
Rick Neves wrote:
 > I just got the tranny and overdrive back into my '56 BN-2 and it is running
 > smoooth!
 > But I still have this weird thing going on with the overdrive. Basically the
 > way it is operating is that when you have the dash switch in the off
 > position, it runs without jumping into overdrive. Well that is normal, but
 > once you flip the switch it will go into overdrive at the appropriate times
 > only in third and fourth and it comes out of overdrive in any other gear.
 > And that is normal as well.
 > The problem is that if you put the switch in the normal position after it
 > has been in the overdrive position, the system will not revert back to the
 > "never go into overdrive situation". What I mean is that it will continue to
 > shift into overdrive at the appropriate times in third and fourth even
 > though the switch is in the normal position. The only way to get it to
 > revert back to the "never go into overdrive (or normal)" operation is to
 > turn off the key. I've even tried this while driving down the street.
 > Turning off the power and then turning it on and starting the engine and the
 > overdrive then stays out.
 > Now this may all be the way its supposed to be! I'm not sure. I can see
 > where it would be kind of a safety thing where hitting the switch
 > accidentally might cause a high revving situation if this didn't do what its
 > doing.
 > I've checked my wiring against the diagram several times. This is a BN-2 so
 > it has the later design and all is correct. I'm scrutinizing the schematic
 > and I guess myself I would have designed it a little differently having the
 > dash switch the gas pedal position and the gear switch all in series to have
 > the effect I'm expecting and its kinda like that but not exactly and that
 > could be why its doing this weird thing.
 > But then may be its supposed to be like that.
 > Anyway I had a great ride the other morning just going around my block about
 > a hundred times checking it out. Finally the power train is running smooth
 > and I was relaxed enough to enjoy all the sensations of driving my fully
 > rebuilt Healey.
 > Check out my progress www.RickNeves.com
 > Sincerely
 > Rick Neves
 > '56 BN-2
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