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Re: motorhomes and trailering

To: Kent McLean <kentmclean@mindspring.com>
Subject: Re: motorhomes and trailering
From: skip <tfsbj7@mindspring.com>
Date: Thu, 18 Nov 2004 11:38:47 -0500
I love this idea...   And the Healey would really look impressive for
those few moments that it was towing a trailer twice its size...

People would really wonder what I had in the trailer...as well as what I
had under the hood.   Pretty cool ...:-)


Kent McLean wrote:
> skip <tfsbj7@mindspring.com> wrote:
>  > Question 2: Can an enclosed (empty) Healey hauler be muscled
>  > around or does it need to be positioned with a tow vehicle?
> Put a hitch on the Healey and use it to maneuver the trailer
> around the parking lot.
> Kent

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