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RE: Related Header Question

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Subject: RE: Related Header Question
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Date: Mon, 12 May 2003 11:40:01 -0700
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> Along these lines, how many different header manufacturers 
> (RV-8 style) 
> are there and who should I avoid, and who makes the good ones?
> James J.

That's going to be a difficult one to answer, because every manufacturer
seems to have good days and bad days.

Headers, like other bits of the exhaust system are jig welded.  I doubt if
any of the manufacturers actually test fit more than one in a hundred.

I'm struggling now trying to fit up a set of nicely made Stainless Steel
headers to a Rover SD1.  The headers are used and were fitted on an SD1.
I've no idea how they fitted, as they conflicted with the steering coupler
on one side, and the starter solenoid on the other.  Obviously the engine
mounting must have been highly variable, and the headers designed for a
Eurospec starter.

So, after fabricating a new lower column, and picking up a gear reduction
starter (thanks Ted) I'm hoping the headers will at least come close to
fitting up to the rest of the stainless exhaust.

Always plan on trial fitting headers, and leaving room for engine and heat

I've got a set of Maniflow 8 into 2 into 1 mild steel headers.  They look
really nice, but have not yet been fitted.  And a pair of TS Imports RV8
headers, which seem very robust and look easy to fit.  Both headers are
really tight to the engine number boss, so I'm going to be doing some
grinding before installing.


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