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Re: MGB Sources

To: Ed <>
Subject: Re: MGB Sources
From: "Christopher M. Delling" <>
Date: Mon, 07 Oct 1996 09:04:42 -0400
Ed wrote:
> A couple questions from a long-time fan of B's and a newly addicted restorer:


There are plenty of restorable MG's out there.  Hemmings Motor News is 
an excellent source for finding them.  Otherwise, just keep an eye on 
the classified section of your paper.  Obviously it helps if you live 
within close proximity to a large city, as the number of vehicles will 
be higher.

As far as the actual work, most is well within the scope of the typical 
shade-tree mechanic with a decent set of tools.  I started my B with 
next to no experience with cars, and have completed most of the major 
tasks myself, or with the help of a friend for the really big jobs.  I 
have rebuilt the front suspension, removed, refurbished, and replaced 
the motor and transmission, updated the car with an electronic ignition 
and new carb, recovered and re-carpeted the interior, along with a lot 
of other little jobs.  All were well within my ability - after reviewing 
the methods in the shop manual, or restoration guides.

The big jobs - sectioning and welding in new sheet metal, and paint, I 
left to those with the tools and experience to handle the job.  

Best recommendation I can give is to buy a good book on buying and 
restoring MGs, and learn what to avoid.  There is a lot of crap out 
there waiting for an unsuspecting buyer.  Join a local club, and you 
will have a wealth of information, and potential cars waiting for you!  
And remember, the hobby, like sex, is more fun with a companion!

Best Regards, and Good Luck,

Chris Delling

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