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Distributor woes again

Subject: Distributor woes again
From: Trevor Boicey <>
Date: Tue, 29 Oct 1996 16:26:27 -0500
> Centrifigal Advance:
> ...
> Vaccuum Advance:
>         Vaccum advance don't do diddly for performance. You only have
>         significant vaccuum when your foot ain't in it. And it your
>         foot ain't in it, your not having fun! Sooo... Vacuum advance
>         allows a motor to run smoother at cruise and, sometimes, will
>         improve gas mileage.

  Here's another comment regarding my distributor issues and my
conversion back to electronic.

  Background again, this year, I replaced my Midget 1500 electronic
ignition with an older style points distributor, so that I would spend
less time sitting on roadsides with the hood up. The points work
great, but now I am considering going back to electronic with a modern
kit such as a Crane or an Ignitor.

  The vacuum system still has some thought to be done in my head. The
original design (45DE4) seemed to be mechanical advance, with vacuum
retard. This was the way it was installed in the original.

  When I switched to the older points-type 45D4, the vacuum unit
on it is an advance unit, so I spliced it onto the same vacuum
line assuming that this unit was intended to run with vacuum

  First of all, have I made a mistake connecting the vacuum this
way? The line is fed from the intake manifold, so I beleive this
is the proper "other end" for the vacuum advance.

  As well, when I install electronic ignition, are there any
performance benefits to using one or the other? Should I be using
for example the original unit to get the timing curves given
by it and the vacuum retard? Or should I stay with the points to
stay with vacuum advance?

  Emissions is currently not an issue here in Canada.

   Trevor Boicey             1992 Celica GT (95% of the driving I do)        1975 MG Midget (95% of the repairs I do)

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