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Re: Scumbags AGAIN

To: Paul Hunt <>
Subject: Re: Scumbags AGAIN
From: Aron Travis <>
Date: Tue, 24 Jun 1997 16:24:05 -0700
Paul Hunt wrote:
> Unfortunately for me, the view that these scumbags are not driving
> around looking for my car has proved wrong.  The second night the car
> was back under the carport (fitted with security light and motion
> detector) the bastards levered a quarterlight open, wound down the
> window and wrenched out the radio - minus its front panel which was in
> the house.  They also levered open the glovebox, presumably looking for
> the front panel..

You know, I've often thought about creating, for lack of a better word,
'decoy' items for a thief to steal.
A friend used to drive a '73 Capri to Detroit to work. He was forever
getting his gas siphoned. The filler neck in this car is very
accessable from in the trunk. I suggested what he do is disconnect the
stock filler neck and make a provision to fill the tank via the trunk
only. Then with the stock filler neck attach it to a dummy tank filled
with all sorts of nasty stuff, like half gas with plenty of sugar, and
something explosive like toulene. He never had the gumption, but I bet it
would have tought those thieves a lesson.
One could do the same with the radio. Have the real radio in the
glove box or under the drivers seat, and a dummy radio in the dash.
Wire the dummy radio so that if someone hooks up 12V to it, it catches
fire or explodes or something.
Philosophically maybe we need to create our own deterents and solutions,
as there doesn't seem to be any others.
-Aron Travis-
"always in a automotive frenzy"

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