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Re: Paint choices

To: Ross MacPherson <>
Subject: Re: Paint choices
From: Bill Harkins <>
Date: Mon, 23 Jun 1997 20:31:31 -0700
Ross MacPherson wrote:

> I've had four white cars (3 lbc, 1 truck) and ALL of them were totaled when
> some driver who claimed " I never saw you!" plowed into me.  In three cases
> I was stopped at a light or intersection. I'll never buy another white
> vehicle.  I don't know why but they seem to become invisible under some
> circumstances.

White cars are so popular in California, it seems every other one is
white. I am a great enthusiast of white - easy to clean, does not show
dust (like black) and reflects heat. My Honda and Toyota pickup are
white and the new TC project will be white with red trim.

There is probably a physics law that causes white to become less visible
as you get as far north as you are.

Bill Harkins

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