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A tribute to DammitDick

To: mgs@Autox.Team.Net
Subject: A tribute to DammitDick
From: (Baker, G.)
Date: Sat, 28 Jun 1997 22:43:11 -0800
   I'm GOING TO port and polish my own heads.  I might even reshape a combustion
chamber if I can find the appropriate info.  I have got the Head Modification 
book by Vizard, How to Powertune the B by Vizard(maybe) and the Blueprinting
Engine book by somebody else.  I've read all the books and am looking for some
more......theoretical or practicle.  I'm really pumped about learning this

   1.  Any other books out there that I can devour?
   2.  What kind of grinder\polisher should I look into?

   I've read that a flex drive is preferred and the RPMs must be at least 15000.
Dremel has a Model #732 that seems like the cats meow.  Got the RPM's.  Got the
cutters.  Got the flex drive.  I emailed Dremel and they said the 1/5 HP
motor would
easily handle the jobs in question.
   I've checked out the standard die grinders and believe they have an
flex drive availuable but I wonder about the service.  Vizard has some
thoughts on
tools but I'm not sure the Dremel wouldn't be a step up (it's a new product).
   I would REALLY appreciate responses to both questions from anybody with
or just a good idea.  I don't see any other books on point but I know there
out there.
                                                      Really Pumped
                                                     Gregg Baker

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