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Re: Bonnet Pad Set

To: Skye Poier <>, Dan Ray <>,
Subject: Re: Bonnet Pad Set
From: David Lynes <>
Date: Thu, 01 Apr 1999 20:12:46 -0500
Skye and others:  

The other day, I was in Best Buy and saw the Dynamat stuff that is so
expensive.  It was the first time I had seen this other than in a
catalog.  It is about the same stuff Owens Corning makes under the trade
name "WeatherLock" and is used to seal valleys and edges of roofs under
shingles. I had some last fall when I re-roofed my house, but didn't
even think of it for this application.  

The stuff is kind of a thin black elastic stuff that comes in a roll and
is self-adhesive on one side, covered with a white membrane that you
peel off. You just cut to size, peel the backing off and press on.

There is a web page...

The last I checked, Home Depot doesn't carry it, but a roofing supply
store would.
Give it a look.  I even had a sample from an Owens Corning pamphlet, but
tossed it when I was done. 

David Lynes, Woodstock, GA
73 Midget
78 MGB

Skye Poier wrote:
> Any other quieting suggestions would also be appreciated.
> Does anyone have a cheap alternate source of the material?  I am going to
> have to tear it out in a year or so to repaint anyway, so I don't want to
> drop a bundle of money on it.  Think Home Depot.
> Skye

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