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Re: wire wheels

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Subject: Re: wire wheels
From: "Paul Hunt" <>
Date: Sun, 4 Apr 1999 18:33:36 +0100
The front hubs are a straight swap.

If you intend to keep the steel axle you will need special conversion hubs
at the rear that are machined to give as much clearance as possible between
the tyres and the outer arches, but on my roadster it still wasn't enough
particularly with two-up and luggage.

I fitted RB springs all round (to a CB) which solved the tyre-rubbing
problem, and also greatly reduced roll and dive.  However it made the back
break away much earlier in the wet, and over some surfaces the ride is
really choppy and unpleasant, but the biggest culprit in that seems to have
been the red poly bushes at the rear.

I have now obtained a complete wire axle (i.e. with halfshafts and hubs)
which is presently being rebuilt as I intend to go back to the standard
springs, ride and handling, even with its greater roll and dive.  If you go
this route you will also need a different handbrake cable.


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Date: 02 April 1999 22:23
Subject: wire wheels

>hello, i am considering conveting my 76 MGB to wire wheels. can any of you
>me what is required and what to look out for as I search for parts. also
>kind of mantainace is required. the only wire wheel experence i have is on
my 26
>ford and they have welded spokes.
>26 ford
>48 packard
>66 corvair
>71 MGB
>76 MGB
>76 Midget

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