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Re: extra lights

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Subject: Re: extra lights
From: "Paul Hunt" <>
Date: Sat, 17 Apr 1999 15:12:53 +0100
Normally when various lights glow dimly when another is powered it indicates
a high-resistance ground to a lamp unit.  I can't see the connection (!)
between the high beam and the other lights, though, unless the extra current
of the high beam is just enough to make it visible.  A bad ground to the RH
headlight assembly could explain why the tail light glows (but only when
using the headlamp flasher, if the lighting switch were on it would be
illuminated anyway) but not the turn indicator, unless there were also a bad
ground on the RH tail light cluster.

To paraphrase Nory, "you may have more than one fault".


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From: g.cook <>
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Date: 15 April 1999 13:23
Subject: extra lights

>My '80 B apparently has either a short or bad switch: the right turn
>indicator glows dimly and the right yellow tail light comes on whenever
>the high beams are activated.  Where is a good place to start poking
>around with my voltmeter?

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