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Re: '79 B flasher question

Subject: Re: '79 B flasher question
From: James <>
Date: Wed, 28 Apr 1999 07:08:19 -0500
FYI, one of the most common tricks played by DPO's is to replace a
defective flasher with one of a different size and shape, stick it in a
different location, and sometimes leave the old one hanging there with
nothing connected to it.

- James Einolf
'74 MGB (got the do-it-yourself 2" exhaust half finished and it shur looks

>Nevin (and new-lister Thomas),
>     I think that I can help, having been there quite recently with the new
>wiring harness.
>Yes, there are two separate flashers (the loads are different).  They're
>on the firewall, behind the glovebox.  They're held in place by spring clips.
>Thomas, the two 'identical electrical devices in the engine compartment'
>are the
>relays for ignition and starter solenoid.  Haynes' Fig 10.34 #'s 51 & 83.
>The 'unmarked, gray plastic cylinder' is the Inertia Switch (#36)
> The 'small rectangular unit' is probably the Instrument Voltage Stabilizer
>Hope this helps.
>Bud Krueger
> wrote:
>> I'm having the same problem...I thought the diagram showed it as two units,
>> and the Moss listings seem to confirm that. (Lists separate part numbers
>> for hazard flasher and turn signal flasher). When I find them, and figure
>> out which unit causes the flashing not to happen, I'll let you know.
>> Welcome to the list.
>> Nevin
>> 78 B
>> >Hello,
>> >
>> >I am new to the list and new to MG ownership.  I've had my '79 B (U.S) for
>> >about three weeks, and while I have been busily, almost gleefully,
>> >addressing minor problems with the brakes, choke, timing, top, etc., I have
>> >been driven to near frustration by the most simple task.
>> >
>> >The turn signals on the car do not work.  I have assumed from the beginning
>> >that I only need replace the flasher.  But, where is it?   According to the
>> >manuals I have looked at, it could be behind the dash, or in the engine
>> >compartment.  I have looked at a wiring diagram, and it suggests that there
>> >is only one for both signals and hazards.  Could someone describe it, and
>> >its location?
>> >
>> >I have found two identical electrical devices in the engine compartment
>> >(passenger side, near the fuse box)  that look like flashers, but that have
>> >wires of different colors and numbers than the wiring diagram describes.
>> >Also, l have found an unmarked, gray plastic cylinder, mounted vertically
>> >with two wiring prongs down, behind the dash, that has no wires whatsoever
>> >running to it.  If this isn't the flasher, does anyone know what it is?
>> >Furthermore, I have found a small rectangular metal unit behind the dash
>> >(well out of reach) with possibly the correct color wires running to it,
>> >and maybe a ground wire.  Is this it, or what is it?
>> >
>> >Of course, when I do find the flasher (eventually) it may just prove to be
>> >working correctly, and I'll have to start looking for some nebulous ground
>> >problem, but can anyone help?
>> >
>> >Thomas
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