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Re: Now tow vehicles.

Subject: Re: Now tow vehicles.
From: Tim Nagy <>
Date: Wed, 28 Apr 1999 11:50:34 -0400
When I towed my MG from Atlanta to Pittsburgh with my Ranger (2.3 4 Cyl,
5 speed), it rolled along pretty well, on the flat areas.  The hills of
Virginia were trecherous-25 MHP up the truck lane, second gear, hazards
on...all of that.

Stopping was an issue.  The trailer itself, from U-Haul, weighed in at
ove 2000 pounds. 

So, towing an MG with an MG, I hope it's a lightweight, custon built
trailer, with electric brakes, 'coz that might be a bear!

Just my .02,


Dan Pockrus wrote:
> > I am putting a tow hitch on my V8 MGB just so I can flat tow
> > my race car
> > with it at least once.  I figure with flat towing I don't
> > have to worry
> > about tongue weight.
> Yes, Kelvin, you're right about the tongue weight. What you do have to worry
> about is the interesting dynamics that occur when the car you're flat towing
> is about the same weight as the car that's pulling it. I once towed a
> Karmann Ghia with a Karmann Ghia - got rather twitchy at anything over 30mph
> and was downright scary to stop. Never again.
> Dan Pockrus
> '74B in faded Citron

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