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Where Did You Go This Year?

Subject: Where Did You Go This Year?
Date: Sun, 5 Sep 1999 15:58:26 EDT
Hey All, 
        Just wanted to see where we all went this year. I had  my heart set 
on going to Vancouver for "MG 99", but my poor V8 needed a new power plant, 
this ate up my funds for the trip. Thanks to Rick Igram (and a few others), 
at least I was able to see the trip from his prospective that he posted on 
the list.  
         So far this year I have just topped 7000 miles on my V8. I have been 
out to Carlisle Pa (Import/Kit Car Show), numerous trips to the Reading Pa. 
area (Family Business, except for the Lanco Car show, "Taste of Britian"), a 
round trip to Pompano Bch/Tampa/Cocoa Bch, Florida areas. I had to do some 
searching for a new home there, so what better car to take than my B. Aside 
from going in the heat of the summer, I really did take the right car there. 
I will have to add A/C and cruise control in the future though. I can say, so 
far (knocking on wood), That I have had a trouble free season, never towed, 
no breakdowns.  
         As for future events I plan to attend, "MG on The Rocks" in Maryland 
this year,  "MG's at Mercer" @ Doylestown Pa.   Next year I plan to Attend MG 
2000 At Cleveland Rocks ! The V8 Convention in Ohio, and what ever shows I 
can find in between. 
         Is there anyone out there who knows of shows in Florida? I plan to 
be driving around the state alot this coming winter. 
         I would really like to read about trips made by others in our LBC's. 
Why should we only have to read of break downs or repairs. The whole idea is 
to share both good and bad experiences we all have.  This list is a wealth of 
information, lets add all the good stuff too. And yes, I do see this stuff 
occasionally, Just like to see more.

Safety Faster
Jim Brucato
1980 MGB V8
1964 MGB 

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